Lucid is my 4th Solo album released 31st March 




The new album Lucid is released on the 31st March and is now available to pre-order from Burning Shed:

Or Cherry Red:

Amazon and local retailers. 

"Lucid sees Matt Stevens joined by a host of guest musicians including Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth), Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld), Jem Godfrey (Frost*) and vibes player Jon Hart. 

A step beyond Matt's previous work, Lucid is an album that reflects a love of Jesu and Celtic Frost, as much as it does a passion for Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson."

Art is by Carl Glover (Steve Wilson/King Crimson etc).

Review from Prog magazine: 


Sid Smith (writer for Prog, Classic Rock, BBCMusic, Record Collector, Mojo etc) has reviewed the album here:

"Stevens is blessed with an innate melodicism which finds its way to the surface no matter how convoluted or occluded the settings and arrangements may be. It's a talent that lends his music an accessibility others would give their right hand for. That he does so without compromising any of his adventurous inclinations is no mean feat. 

With the exception of The Bridge, an eleven-minute multi-layered suite, things are usually brief and to the point. Packing more into three minutes that some manage across an entire album, this brevity serves him well and adding both variety and piquancy to the fare. Unafraid to bulldoze and assail the listener,  as much about texture as it is smart, pithy compositions, he revels in distorted roars amidst pitted, overdriven surroundings. 

Throughout Lucid he explores what appears to be an obsessive relationship with the instrument. Sometimes fraught, complicated, open-ended, thorny, and frequently ecstatic, his solos seem to occur only after an arduous scrabble to the very top of a difficult terrain. Once there, he closes his eyes and takes the leap. Bolstered by an array of guests including Pat Mastelotto and striking violin from Chrissie Caulfield, Stevens' risk-taking pays off. "

Read Sid's blog here.

Gigging Forever have reviewed it: 

"Powerful, challenging, and daring, it might not be what you expect from Matt (although expecting the unexpected is always a good idea) - but it's certainly a statement you can't ignore, and it's the best thing he's put his name on. (So far)." 

Read the full review here.

Lady Obscure have reviewed it here: 

"Lucid is every bit as good as I hoped it would be, in fact, it's even better, one of the UK's foremost and challenging guitarists has moved the game on to a completely higher level and, in this year that has, already, produced some stand out releases, Matt Stevens has, for me, produced one of the most impressive albums I've heard yet." 

Read the full review here


All songs written by Matt Stevens

Produced by Kevin Feazey

Art and design by Carl Glover


Guitar - Matt Stevens

Bass - Charlie Cawood

Drums - Stuart Marshall

Violin - Chrissie Caulfield


Guitars/Loops - Matt Stevens

Programming - Kevin Feazey


Guitar - Matt Stevens

Bass - Charlie Cawood

Drums - Stuart Marshall

The Other Side

Guitar - Matt Stevens

Pipa - Charlie Cawood

Drums - Stuart Marshall

The Ascent

Guitar - Matt Stevens

Keyboards - Jem Godfrey

Bass - Lorenzo Feliciati

Drums - Pat Mastelotto


Jon Hart - Vibraphone

Matt Stevens - Guitar/Bass

Emmett Elvin - Keyboards


Guitar/Bass - Matt Stevens

Additional Bass - Kevin Feazey

Drum loop - Stuart Marshall


Matt Stevens - Guitar/Loops

Street And Circus

Matt Stevens - Guitar/Loops

Stuart Marshall - Drums

The Bridge

Guitar/DL4/Bells - Matt Stevens

Bass - Charlie Cawood

Drums - Stuart Marshall

Violin - Chrissie Caulfield

Spoken Word - Nicholas Wyatt Duke

Percussion/Effects - Kevin Feazey

A Boy

Matt Stevens - Guitar/Loops